Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Catch Up and Moving Forward

Enjoyed a wonderful four days at an art retreat with friends at a Sandbridge beach house. While I didn't get as much "art" accomplished as I had intended, it was a marvelous time of rest and refreshment. Once I get the face and detailing done on my mermaid, I'll be sharing her here with you. Yes, I know, I've said before that I had intended to write more often... life happens. Since that last post, I've developed a pinterest addiction and have been opening my mind to all forms of beauty. If you're not familiar or not addicted enough, here is the link to my boards - feel free to view, follow or repin as you will. This past year, I've been exploring many expressions of creation. I've rekindled my passion for fiber arts, both natural like sheep to shawl as well as paper and a host of media and repurposed creations. No, I haven't done much with photographing this year's events or creations, but I think that will be my 2013 focus. 2013 - signed up for the Life Book 2013 project at Willowing. Will do my utmost to participate. It sounds like it was custom designed for me, right here, right now. Each month there will be many talented artists who will be leading us on new paths of exploration and growth. As for my personal life, all is well. My daughters are all thriving in their endeavors. Husband content with his life and hobbies. I am totally plugged in with our local artists and this past weekend have really gotten to know a few of them exceptionally well. The best part of that - I've also grown to be more open with them and they with me and hopefully we have come alongside each other for encouragement, support and even deeper friendship. Life is excellent once you find your "tribe" - the group of people who understand where you are, get you, and love you because or even in spite of that. Hoping you find joy and tribe...

Back once more

Enjoyed a lovely 4 day art retreat with some local artist friends. We had an amazingly relaxing time with lots of fun. Spent some time helping some of the ladies get into some of the online resources for our group and in general and decided to try again on updating my blog. If anything is oddly skewed or something, let me know so I can try to fix it. Have to quit typing since blogger ate my earlier attempt to post, but will see about adding in some recent works soon. Feel free to browse my latest pinterest addiction - that site is sure a time stealer, but I love it!