Thursday, June 17, 2010

So much for good intentions...

What's up? I apologize for going MIA - just had a lot going on recently. I think I'm moving back on track. Just finished adding the photos to the instructions for the Mom's Diner cookbook kit I have for the shop - Jennifer Priest designed the original for Cookbookin' and I've kitted it for my customers with a few modifications since I was just designing off her photo from the display at a trade show. Now, I just need that recent shipment of printer ink to arrive and I can print it out and finish up these kits.

Two of my local customers have been waiting more than patiently for me to pull it together - ladies, the wait is almost over.

Got signed up for my 2nd to the last class for my Bachelor's - there was too much family stuff going on earlier in the year for me to focus.

More updates - Buddy, our poor old black Lab had to be put down - his pain level was just too high. Melody is moving out next week to her own place not too far away. It will really change our household dynamic once she leaves. I'm getting close to empty nest with just Maggie home. She's about done with her freshman year of high school. Doing well and looking forward to summer break. I haven't seen Amanda in a few weeks - between both our jobs, she rarely makes it over at the times I'm home. Miss her, but I know she's not too far away and doing well for herself. What more could a mom wish for her kids anyway. The letting go sure is hard though.

Last night - got to participate in my first Lime & Violet knitting chat on the computer - chat rooms are a lot more interesting with web cams - these ladies shared some great projects and books. Can hardly wait for the next chat... maybe I'll actually do something with my socks I've begun before then... we shall see.

Tons more to update, but I have to leave for the day job soon. I'll save the rest for another time. Later!