Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Road to Hell...

As the saying goes, is paved with good intentions... that would be me and my commitment to blogging. Want my excuses - got a ton, but none of them are really compelling. Final exam this weekend - I'll TRY to get some photos of my recent accomplishments shared, but don't hold your breath. Found some fun new games at Facebook and got sucked in and now all I want to do is dig for treasure in Treasure Mania or quest in Castle Age. If you need a new addiction, please join my team in the games. Apparently, the more friends who join you, the more successful you become. I haven't quite found out all the ways to get that success in Castle Age, but I've been having a ball with my new team mates at Treasure Mania - for my team, the secret to success is update your wishlist often and share when you have more than one of an item. Big revelation, huh?

So, what have YOU been doing? Drop me a line and let's connect - look forward to hearing from you!

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