Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Self Awareness

Here in Virginia, we had a number of offices up for vote. Myself, my husband, and my two older daughters all voted. Currently, I'm on the home stretch of my Bachelor's degree - taking POL 300 this semester. We're looking at all kinds of past events (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) and more and as I'm reading the text and listening to the lectures, I'm wondering where in the world I was that I am so little aware of all that occurred in my adult life?!

Where I am in my life now, I see that life really DOES go in seasons. I guess during my mommy phase, my biggest concerns were my househould work and the health and happiness of my children. Now that they're almost all grown (baby is looking at 15 now), I find myself becoming aware of the bigger world. Things that were once remote in my mind - like politics, economics, world affairs - now actually have an interest and meaning to me. I'm wondering how I went through so many years of life with my head so firmly immersed in my immediate world with no windows looking beyond.

Another part of my life revelations comes from iTunes. Apparently, there is a world of knowledge to be had there for free on podcasts and iTunesU. I've searched up a bunch of topics in a variety of disciplines and subscribed to many. There are some amazing people sharing all kinds of knowledge expanding discussions. I find I can listen to podcasts as I go about my daily work and still get tons accomplished. Suddenly, a whole new world of learning is at my fingertips. Remarkable! I've been listening to PRI (Public Radio International), podcasts on technology, application podcasts, marketing podcasts, casts from Harvard Business School, some fun arts and crafts casts, enterpreneur discussions and so much more. Anyone with an ipod that is not taking advantage is this vast world of knowledge is missing out on more than they can imagine! As a matter of fact, time for me to head to iTunes now and see if there's anything new for my brain expansion project.

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