Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In Admiration of Bloggers

When I began blogging, I never realized how much time, energy and creativity it takes to do a really nice blog like many of those I subscribe to.

I'd like to say to all you mega bloggers - congratulations on your devotion and dedication!

It seems I have lots of excuses - no photos, too tired, too busy, etc. Actually, they're just that, excuses. We all find the time to do our A list items. I've decided to try to do better.

What's new?

We had a big tropical storm come through last week. It was inconvenient and there was plenty of rain, but no major damage at my house although others in our area did not fare as well. One friend even had a tree crash into their living room and they have to do some major structural repairs. Luckily, they have family in the area to stay with and lots of friends to help make it happen. Good people seem to be surrounded by other good and generous people, so I'm sure they'll get through it just fine. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

I spent last weekend with my store in Kill Devil Hills, NC. It was really wet for most of the weekend, so the ocean view was kind of a non-event until we were packing out on Sunday. The day warmed up, dried out and the sun was in all its glory. Totally beautiful. Mary Full hosted that crop and there was a good turn out despite the weather. The women who attended were a great mix and very friendly. I had such a wonderful time meeting them and working on projects plus running my shop. The shop did well, but then, I've been working hard to provide a nice selection for my croppers. I'll be taking the show on the road again this weekend to Virginia Beach oceanfront for another event. Janie Crouch does this one at the Sandcastle and her weekends are always nicely done too. I have a few fun classes to offer - 2 Teresa Collins books and a fun apron album book that would be great for gifting. If you find yourself at the beach this weekend, you should pop through and say hi.

Time for me to get ready for my day job. Counselling myself on blog responsibility - will try to post more often and even share photos...

Till next update!

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