Sunday, September 13, 2009

Creative Explosion with Donna Downey

Had a marvelous weekend with Donna Downey and friends learning some incredible art techiques in 3 different, awesome classes. We did Bloom Friday night - lots of fun new mediums introduced to my scrapbooking. Saturday morning was Fabric Scrapbooking - again, a whole new adventure for me with lots of mixed media art and cool new techniques. Saturday evening, we did the Watercolor, Doodle class and once again, new concepts to play with and develop. Between all the creative input and the fun time with my friends, it was a terrific weekend.

Today's goal, catch up on life and bills and chill before I head for the day job tomorrow.

I love exploring new creative avenues and really enjoyed Donna's "yes" approach. It was very relaxing although my brain was near bursting by the time we closed shop Saturday night. Donna! Thanks for the awesome event - it was fabulous!

By the way, for those of you considering Donna's classes - I can't guarantee you'll actually come away from the class with completed albums, but I can assure you that if you go into them ready to learn and explore new avenues, you'll have a serious growth experience. I ended up getting her (autographed) Fabric Scrapbooking book, one of the skirt pages kits, the tag book kit and this cute pin at the top of the post.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School

It's official - my last child has had her first day of high school - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I was leaving for work this morning, I happened to be trying to leave my court just as the elementary school bus pulled up to collect the children. Even though it was raining here today, moms were waiting with their darlings and one mom stood under the hatchback of her mini-van to take photos of her child climbing onboard. It's been so long since our first first day of school, it is almost hard to remember. Another reason that scrapbooking is so invaluable. My two older daughters were homeschooled for several years before they all went to public school, so I don't have their first photos, but I did make a charming layout (in one of my many completed layout albums) of Mags. Got a little teary eyed thinking about it today.

How about you? Any firsts for you this season?