Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Draws to a Close

I am amazed at how swiftly time is passing. Margaret has gone for her high school orientation. Amanda has begun college classes. Melody is off building her own life. We didn't do much for vacation this summer - a brief trip to visit family in Florida and some cook outs, but that's it. I have most of my work/pleasure planned for the end of the year, though. Soon I'll be off with friends to take 3 Donna Downey classes. At the end of September, I'm attending Inspiration Unlimted with Teresa Collins out in Vegas - just got the cutest luggage tag as a RAK from some mystery person in the group and it's fabulous - it will go perfectly on the new weekender bag I got from my Creative Memories friend. The week after IU, I'm off to Houston for more manufacturer classes and a trade show with some other friends. I love this new area I'm moving into with all these creative connections. They really make it for me.

Also, I've been working on some class projects for the 2 crops I'll be vendoring at in November - one with Mary at Nags Head, the other here in VA Beach with Janie. They do such nice events and getting away for a beach front scrap weekend is one of my fav things to do. Will also be fitting in a bit of personal scrap time with other friends in and in January, we locals are off to our remote country retreat for a 3 day scra retreat that is just the best for catching up and relaxing. Not much out that way for entertainment, so hanging out together having fun IS the entertainment and it's fabulous.

I find the connection with my memories and friends really meets some of my personal socialization needs. Cropping is great therapy for a hectic lifestyle.

Gotta run and get ready for the day job. Will try to upload some photos and post more regularly. Later!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Real World Encroaches

I know, I know... I used to blog regularly. Then, suddenly I'm being drawn into the physical world, away from the computer. The computer becomes an expensive game machine as I spend hours in the dungeons of Fate (volume 2) battling monsters and gaining skill and attributes... yup, pretty much a classic D&D type of game without the math. And yes, I'm hooked. I've played over 40 levels in 3 different dungeons... but there are still levels to be had.

Other weird distractions - a book! Yes, I've actually completed reading a few novels lately. Before I began my virtual life, I read almost a book a day. Just a voracious reader. Now, if I get 3 or 4 read a month it's a big deal. Melody keeps me up on our current authors and she's usually bought their latest books before I've even finished the last.

The beautiful obsessions - how to find the balance?