Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love my Fur-Babies!

Somehow, through the years, we've become pet lovers... it starts with a little kitten here, a small pup there and somehow, years later, we have a mini zoo.

My middle daughter, Amanda, has a guinea pig that shares her room.

We've got this massively fat female cat (she was normal size until we got her fixed) black cat Izzie. She was smuggled in one rainy day by my oldest daughter and we ended up keeping her. Speaking of my oldest daughter, she has a nack for picking pets with great personalities. Every pet she's chosen through the years has been wonderful.

Nine years ago, we got this sweet black lab puppy that has grown up to be a crabby old guy with some arthritis.

Earlier this year, Melody got 2 new dogs after her last one was tragically killed. She got a Doberman puppy and this awesome black and white Pomeranian puppy. Melody's last dog was a pom and somehow, seeing the pom and dobie together was just more than she could manage - we inherited the new Pom, Cierra. Cierra is so much fun - happy, friendly personality, tons of energy, loves to play... unfortunately, neither my cat nor dog is much into young dog antics. If our budget was better, I'd go buy her a playmate, but things are tight like for most of us... if anyone knows someone with a Pom that has a good personality and a lot of energy (and is preferably spayed) that needs a good home, we'd love to hear about it. I think Cierra would be oh so much happier with a similar age playmate who would enjoy romping in our fenced back yard or cuddling up on one of the doggie pillows...

Aren't furbabies wonderful?

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Hello there! My name is June said...

I love that you call them furbabies! We've had many pets over the years...and unfortunately our zoo has shrunk...rather than grown. We lost one kitty about 2 years ago...and now only have the one...and I think he truly prefers it that way. He's visited with my inlaws' kitties...and they didn't get along at all. We might get some bunnies when my preschoolers are a little older though! I don't think Mr. Kittypants would have any grudge against a bunny!