Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marathon phase 1 completed

I've exhausted the Buffy episodes on Hulu... watched all 56 through season three - they don't have any others on the site at this time (boo hoo!) I understand I can find them for $15/season at Walmart... guess what's next on my to-do list?

Currently in week 8 of my college class Money and Banking. Got my paper turned in and we're screaming toward finals. This class seems to be going by quite quickly to me... then again, so does life! My middle daughter just received her high school yearbook - she's taking it to school today for friends signatures. Hard to believe graduation is right around the corner. So much going on right now... so little time to smell the roses.

Decided to attend an evening crop Friday. I'll be trying to complete my butterfly garden mini book from the current kit. Once I get it done, I'll share some pictures here with you - if it comes out half as cute as my vision, it should be nice. I picked up the photos last weekend so I'm ready to cut, glue and go...

Have you been accomplishing much lately?

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