Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun with Friends

Had a great, laid back weekend. Started out with a crop with some new friends Friday night - that was terrific fun - they were just my type of gals and we laughed so much! I really enjoyed that. Got my butterfly book about 1/2 done... then switched to a Lime Rickey card kit and made 5 cards. I still have a few to go to finish up, but I enjoy working kits and not having to over-analyze what to do next and how to get a nice finished product. These are about just the amount of concentration I need at a social event. It was the hostess birthday as well, so we had some tasty snacks, but the company is what really made this outing special.

I also ended up getting season 4 of Buffy on DVD. Spent a large part of Saturday reading a good book (Jayne Ann Krentz, Sizzle & Burn), then watched the first 2 disc of the season. Mark and I went out for Mexican for dinner. Maggie had left earlier in the day to spend the night at a girl friend's and Amanda went to prom with her boyfriend. She was totally lovely. Gotta get Mark to upload the photos he took of her/them.

Sunday was another day of leisure - knocked out my classwork and took the quiz for my Money & Banking class (wish she'd give us more than 5 questions on a quiz so I could get better grades). Paid bills, then back to the Buffy marathon. I still have 2 discs to watch before I'm all done with that season. Have to wait for next payday for season 5... ah, the trials...

Now it's Monday and it's back to the day job. I think I have enough time for one more episode before I have to leave... whoo hoo!

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