Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can time go any faster?

Sorry I haven't had time to update lately. As a reward for being a bad record keeper in 2008, I'm having to do tons of work to get things organized to file my taxes - bad Theresa! I'm definitely going to do better this year - if I could just find a moment to breathe and get caught up.

Got to set up the store at Smitty's crop in Richmond this past weekend and had a nice time meeting their crowd (and seeing lots of familiar faces from other events). Took a little time alone to head up to Ikea for a browse. It's one of my favorite places. Even when I don't buy anything I usually walk away satisfied. They just have so many ideas that my brain loves it. Brought the laptop and was able to get some of the tax work and reporting done. Somehow, I just need more hours in my day - changed my alarm clock to get up 30 minutes earlier so maybe I can get my life back on track. We'll see how that goes. Now that I've seen all the Angel shows full circle, I have more free time in my evenings. Not too many shows for me to watch. If I could just focus and stay on target with my work, I'd be set.

Finished up that Descriptive Statistics class I took - managed to get an "A". It was very hard work for me and I'm so happy it's over. Just ordered my text book for Money & Banking - I think it starts next week. I'm doing that one online asynchronous again. Turns out that style works better for me than live for 4 hours a night once a week. Somehow, through life's changes, I'm becoming more of a morning person. I never would have thought it... used to be a night owl. Found that no longer works well for me. The joys of getting old.

Just wanted to touch base with my friends. Been ordering in all kinds of cool treasures for the next kit - I think you'll really be impressed. It's going to be the most fabulous kit yet! We've got some custom made embellishments from Etsy, tons of Prima, LOTS of paper, coordinates and even 7 different ribbons/trims! This kit is going to rock your socks off. Don't expect them to last long.

Gotta get ready for the day job. I'll check in with you all again in the not too distant future.


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