Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Puppy

I have a pretty uneventful life, but today, I wanted to show off our cute little puppy, Ceira . After Melody's last Pom was killed by an aggressive German shepherd, she ended up getting 2 new dogs to take her place - the first was Ceira - she's a 2 coated Pom in black - tons of energy, and Freya, a female doberman puppy. They made a good effort to raise them together, but Freya is a large dog and Ceira is tiny and Melody couldn't let go of the images of Persephone, so, now we have a new dog at our house. It's rather funny - we already have an older black lab and a very fat black cat, so the little black puppy matches the other pets.

She's full of fire - likes to chew through cords, shoes, underwear and anything else she finds around the house. Hopefully she'll get through this before she kills herself with something. She wants to be a biped and dances on her hind legs without any provocation. She drives Buddy (the lab) crazy by messing with his face all the time - she just wants to play and he's being quite tolerant. On the other hand, Izzy, our cat, has no tolerance for the pup - she will claw her when provoked. We let it happen because the pup barks at her and begins the agression - eventually, we're hoping puppychow will learn her place.

Ah the joys of puppies. If we can just get her housebroken, we'll be set. Happy days!

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