Friday, March 27, 2009

Australia Bushfire

I don't recall if I've mentioned this, but I've joined with my friends at Splitcoast stampers to help raise funds for the Australian Red Cross and their relief actions. Many of us vendors have donated prizes that are being rewarded randomly to participants. Be sure to pop by there and have a peek - your participation would be a big help. Also, if you're a stamper, you'll be blown away by all the inspiration and ideas on their boards and galleries. Amazing place.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Puppy

I have a pretty uneventful life, but today, I wanted to show off our cute little puppy, Ceira . After Melody's last Pom was killed by an aggressive German shepherd, she ended up getting 2 new dogs to take her place - the first was Ceira - she's a 2 coated Pom in black - tons of energy, and Freya, a female doberman puppy. They made a good effort to raise them together, but Freya is a large dog and Ceira is tiny and Melody couldn't let go of the images of Persephone, so, now we have a new dog at our house. It's rather funny - we already have an older black lab and a very fat black cat, so the little black puppy matches the other pets.

She's full of fire - likes to chew through cords, shoes, underwear and anything else she finds around the house. Hopefully she'll get through this before she kills herself with something. She wants to be a biped and dances on her hind legs without any provocation. She drives Buddy (the lab) crazy by messing with his face all the time - she just wants to play and he's being quite tolerant. On the other hand, Izzy, our cat, has no tolerance for the pup - she will claw her when provoked. We let it happen because the pup barks at her and begins the agression - eventually, we're hoping puppychow will learn her place.

Ah the joys of puppies. If we can just get her housebroken, we'll be set. Happy days!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fallen off the Face of the Earth?

Not quite, but I know I've been MIA a while now and am just starting to be able to breathe again. Tomorrow is my final for Statistics - hallelujah! I will be so glad to be done with this one. Next course is Money & Banking. I'll be doing that one back to the online asynchronous style - that suits me so much better - I can listen to the lectures as many times as I need and can do it in the morning when my brain is still somewhat functional. This night classes things really was hard for me. Somehow, I've transformed from a night owl to a morning person. The day job thing probably has something to do with that.

The store - well, we set up at a Relay for Life crop this past Saturday and I was able to get a lot of work done on getting my paperwork in order for our taxes. Need to wrap that up asap. Melody has the store laptop and all the products and is supposed to be updating the store inventory with all the extra products. I've had lots of new stuff come in but haven't gotten around to sharing with my online friends. We're looking at some fun stuff for our April kit - just waiting for a bit more fundage so I can place the orders. I think you'll really be impressed with it - we're getting some special design items from several creators at Etsy along with a fabulously fun batch of papers and embellishments I'm sure you'll love.

Sunday - yuck - watched all the series one episodes of U.S. of Tara on Showtime on Demand - it's like driving past a car wreck - you know you don't really want to see any blood and gore, but you can't help but slow down and take a peek. Anyway, during the show, I developed a puking headache and ended up sleeping the afternoon away with some pain killers instead of doing the newsletter like I promised. I really need someone to be an editor for me and take over that duty - I can't seem to pull all these things together. I know once I'm done with that test tomorrow I'll be feeling so much better to have that off my load of things to do. Don't give up on me yet, I'll get there - I promise.

I've still got a few of the March kits left - they've gone over very well. If you wanted one, please don't wait too long. Gotta get ready for the day job. Chat with you later!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coming Soon!

This month's kit features exciting new paper from Stacy Marks of Marks Paper Company! This hot new company is already making a name for themselves with these high quality double sided scrap papers. This kit includes a wealth of great papers, accessories and products to explore your creativity and will also include a print newsletter with ideas, instructions and more! This autoship purchase will also include the next 2 kits at the same reduced price ($40 retail!) Be sure to comment about whether you want your future invoicing through paypal or if you would prefer to provide a credit card. You may also place go along orders with your kit to ship together. Standard shipping charges apply.

MORE EXCITEMENT - join us 3/12 (my birthday) on Willow Traders - we'll be helping them celebrate their anniversary with challenges, prizes and more! You won't want to miss this!

Need more? Be sure to join us, 3/15 at 9 pm EDT in our chat room for a fun live event with Stacy Marks of Marks Paper Company as she and her designs share their creative ideas and vision. You won't want to miss this fun event (use chat link at bottom of that main page).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March offerings - 2 Scrappy Chix Designs

This month, our kit club at my store will be featuring the new paper lines from Mark's paper. They're a newcomer and have made some luscious papers you'll want to get your hands on. Kits are available for shipping 3/15. To kick off this fun launch, we'll be hosting a live chat with Stacy from Mark's paper. She'll share her inspirations and give us insight into her world. Hope you'll be free to join us. The chat room link is on the bottom of the main page .
I think you'll really like this kit - not only does it have all the paper from both lines, but also 6 sheets of coordinating Bazzill, and other fun flowers, ribbons and goodies to make your pages pop. Making awesome layouts is so simple when you have the right ingredients!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Plotting and Planning

March kits are almost ready for shipping and we're already looking ahead to April. We've been scouring the countryside for items you may not yet have and think you'll get quite the kick out of what we're putting together for April. We've even ordered in some custom made embellishments and other goodies that I think you'll really like. Be sure to pop by and visit. Also, we're still running our month long Scrap your Stash challenge and would love to see you join us. There are some prizes and the like as well as goodies my designers share from their own abundance. These ladies are great and have the best ideas...

Hope to see you around!
PS - when will we start seeing more shows on TV - seems all my favorites are going into stasis again - ugh... where are the old days when you could count on your shows all year long?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scrap Your Stash Challenge

Come join us on the boards (click my sig below for a quick jump)!

We're doing a Scrap Your Stash Challenge with fun prizes and the like and would love to have you join us! Also, be sure to pop by Willowtraders boards on March 12 (my birthday) - we'll be hosting that day for their birthday bash and will have even more fun challenges and prizes. My design team rocks and they keep coming up with more and more creative ideas. We'd love to get to know you and see your art.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's new?

The remaining parts for the March kit club should be here any day - March release has been pushed to 3/15 to give my design team enough time to come up with some awesome great ideas for you. I think it will be worth the wait - I wanted to be able to bring you stuff fresh from CHA.

Zutter pre-order ladies, the order should be in any day now and yours will go out priority mail as soon as I get them in. Thanks for your patience.

I've joined up with the ladies at splitcoaststampers to help raise donations for the Australia Bush Fires... my store will be donating these great Teresa Collins hybrid stamps - all the quality of red rubber with the convenience of acrylics! I'm a big TC fan and really love all her stuff. What do you think of them?

I have some future events and have been busy thinking up great ideas for classes. Ordered in some parts to try out a prototype and if it's not too hard to do, I'll be having a class at future events by yours truly. Stay tuned. I'm all about projects that incorporate paper, photos and cool presentation methods.

Gotta head out to the day job... chat with you all later. BTW, like my "I'm a scrappy Chick" button in the right column? Please feel free to grab the code and use it on your blog or site. Share the love!