Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Work in Progress

What do you think of the new background on my blog? One of my DT members hooked me up with it and I love it. I'm planning on having the gals at the site it came from (see link in upper left corner if your blog needs a new look) make a coordinating banner this weekend (after I get paid). Be sure to check back to see the finished product. And yes, I'll take care of the dead links in the side bar when I add the new banner as well. Sorry about that - just too busy to play with them at this moment.

Do you have a blog? Share your link in the comments below. I'm always looking for new sites to read.


lifeasme said...

Hi Theresa
I jumped over here from twitter (I'm following you there!) Your blog is very pretty!
Being a Typepad user I am limited, there's just not much choice that I like and noone seems to design layouts for them, maybe one day they'll catch up with fashion/style though!! lol
Have a great day

Theresa Merkling said...

thanks for writing, Debs! Tell me your blog location and I'll check yours out.

The Pear Project said...

Hello! I've got 2 blogs!

The Pear Project - Artisan Goods for everyday life

Brooke Fuller Photography

& I came from Twitter too!

SandyL said...

Yes I like your new background on your blog..I have a blog too and not sure that you follow it or not