Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time is escaping!

I can't believe how the days are slipping by. Seems the busy time of year that was Christmas might have just been the start of the busy time of LIFE! I had meant to blog each weekday, but failed in my attempts the past 2 days - I think I'm going to have to set my alarm for an hour earlier.

Today's discussion - college. Last night was my first class in Descriptive Statistics. I did something radical for me and attended in person. For the past several years, I've only done online asynchronous format classes. This one is each Wednesday from 6:15 - 10 pm. The only complaint was the heat was too high - toward the end, I started feeling sleepy. This is a computer lab class so the monitors were a look around factor. The prof is rather short, so it was a challenge to keep him in view. I think I might like this class. Math generally gives me hives, but last night went okay. This guy is uber qualified - he's got a PhD in some obscure technical field that made my brain spin in circles when he said what it was. He's had a career in various engineering fields including nuclear and city planning as well as doing quality analysis management for the military. His stories are fascinating. Apparently, he had a lively intellectual relationship with Demming of TQM. I've read about Demming in my textbooks on quality control. Cool to hear of him as more than a reference in a text book.

I may or may not get a post in tomorrow. I'll be packing up for a weekend away with my scrappy friends, so I'm not sure if I'll remember to post in the morning. If not, I'll catch up with you all on Monday. This place we go to is rather remote with no tv, telephones or internet. Very rural and restful. I really need the break. I plan on bringing my camera and doing some photos of project to share with you here. I'll try to get my flicker gallery link to function on the site as well.

Working is awesome busy - not much time to breathe or even look at personal emails - some days I don't even make it out for lunch. Such is life. Catch up with you later!

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