Monday, January 5, 2009

Scrappy Goals 2009

Ah, goals. Once upon a time, I gave up setting goals because it seemed I rarely accomplished them and they ended up being a burden. Saturday, I went to a 17 hour pajama crop and was able to complete 14 pages. Based on that number and that I seem to crop at least once a month, I'm shooting to complete at least 300 (365 would be even better, huh?) pages in 2009. And no, I'm not talking about just slapping pictures onto paper and calling it a page. Sounds like a worthy goal. What about you? Have you set any expectations for yourself this year?

Goal: 14/300 pages


Marilou said...

I'd love to do 20 scrap pages this year. That would be about 19 more than I was able to do in 2008 - busy year!

Of course, I have the usual exercise eat better goals. But more scrapbooking definitely way high on the list.

Theresa Merkling said...

Exercise and eat better are on my list every year, but winter is a comfort food season for me, so that's a harder goal to accomplish for me.

scrapfaerie said...

Don't forget we have Eastover coming up! You can get a ton done then! Since we are sharing a room maybe some of your scrappy mojo will rub off on me!

SandyL said...

Great Job Theresa on getting that many pages done this weekend :)

Theresa Merkling said...

I had such a great time cropping on Saturday. It was a very productive and creative time for me. I'm really looking forward to our long scrappy weekend in the woods. Hoping to have my head on straight and all my stuff packed so I can have a very successful event. Tons of ideas swirling around in my head. Sure hope the supplies for the February kit get here before then so I can work up some samples. I ordered a ton of great stuff. Changed it to a flat $25/mo including shipping and am taking autoship options as well.