Friday, January 30, 2009

It's almost February!!!

I know some of you have been anxiously waiting for the launch of our February Sweetheart Mega Kit... just wanted to remind you that kits ship on Monday!!! Whoo hoo! My daughter has been working hard on the newsletter. I'll have print copies to include in the kit and a fuller, more expanded edition available for download by anyone who might want to check it out. We're trying to keep the print edition to under 10 pages, but with all the creative talent on my team, I'm not sure I can do that and still show you full color pictures large enough for easy viewing, hence the digital extra. Be sure to check back on Sunday for the download details (BTW, where is a good file share site?) Also wanted to mention - I did a trial run of the kit with my local scrappers and the quantities in the store are not quite accurate - I sold a large number of the kits on hand. Since I want to have enough available for you, my internet customers, I've done a re-order - be advised, though, while the paper and most of the embellishments are identical, I've had to make some substitutions on a few items but be assured they are as good or better than the items shown in the kit pic.

Wanted to say hi to all my faithful followers. Even though you don't comment often, just knowing I'm on your list keeps me checking in regularly. Gets kinda lonely here on the internet, so it's nice when friends touch base. Time for me to gear up for the work day, but just wanted to pop by and say hi.

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