Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Reality

My weekend away was awesome. I was able to do 2 mini albums, 16 pages and 2 cards. Meant to have the photos ready to share here with you, but haven't gotten that far yet... maybe tonight ... then again, my hair dryer is still stuffed in the back of the trunk with half of my supplies, so possibly not. It was a very relaxing, productive time away with my local friends. These away times really help me with perspective. Having hours of uninterrupted cropping is just such an awesome thing.

We got a call today at quarter to six (in the morning!) from our school system... since it MAY snow this afternoon, they've decided to close school for today. Wow huh? I recall driving my kids through icy streets and ground blizzards in South Dakota to attend school... guess it's all about your expectations.

I've had a really aweseome response to the February kit and will be doing a second run order since so many of the first batch are already sold. Just need to get my stuff together. Shame work didn't call off today. Ah well. Patience is a virtue.

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