Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Recovery!

I've been so busy with all the things that go into making Christmas memorable that I've totally dropped sync on the rest of my life including my online friends, blog, tweets and even the business. I'm so sorry.

Christmas was fabulous. Now that my daughters are getting older and they're starting to get on with their lives, I'm trying to savor this time we have together - I know that can all change at any time now. The gifts I got were incidental (although quite thoughtful and nice to have). The gifts I bought for everyone else and the happiness they got from them is what makes it shine.

Our Christmas started on the 24th - we met at Capt George's for seafood feast - all 7 of us. The food was excellent and Melody's skinny little hubby won the King Crab Leg crown at our table - he ate an astonishing quantity of crab legs and didn't even get ill. I think if I hadn't had to say last call, he'd still be there chowing down... but since church began at 7 pm, we needed to leave.

By the time we got there at nearly 7 - the lots were full and we were directed to the overflow in the fields parking. If I had guessed that, we would have driven Mark's truck instead of my Corolla. No harm, no foul, though. The building was packed - we ended up about 7 rows from the top (I think the new building seats 3000 - see if you want the visual and real statistics). I gather there were still many people who got there after us and the large foyer was also SRO. The service was great - the singing, my favorite part, was excellent as usual. We made it back out through the mobs and met back up at our house.

Mark had the camcorder ready on the tripod (last year's Christmas gift) so around 9 pm, we began the present sorting and opening. We took about an hour to open everything in a very civilized way with lots of fun discussion and such. Mark had to leave for work around 1030 ish. Melody and Kyle stayed a bit longer and we just had some visit time. I think I got to bed around 11 pm.

As usual, I was up early, around 6:30 when Mark got in. About 30 minutes later, the phone rings... naturally, it's not in the cradle and I am on a search mission - about the time I find it, it quits ringing. Amanda was crashed out on one of the recliners - her phone starts vibrating and wakes her up - it's Melody - she and Kyle are eager for us to get right over there to open our gifts from them that are under their tree... we girls get some clothes on (Maggie went in her pajamas) and head over. We brought the cinnamon rolls that went into the oven and then had the gift opening and some visit with them.

Once we got back home, I got the turkey in the oven and found some time to get a few songs and applications to my new ipod. Very fun. The kids came over for dinner at 3 and we had a wonderful meal and more good social time.

Ah, I'm going to miss this all once they're off and doing their own lives. Family is precious - need to savor it while you can!

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SandyL said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas.. I LOVE Captain George's...but doubt I could go to church after eating there.. I would be too miserably full to sit