Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taxes and Business

As a new business owner, the state is requiring monthly taxes and I've got to say, it's my most dreaded part of the business. I understand that keeping track of your money in and out is critical, but it's the least fav thing for me. I'd love to hear from other shop owners on how you manage your inventory and keep up with all the paperwork that's required. Somehow, we're not doing well with piece by piece inventory - scrapbook paper and little odds and ends are hard to keep an exact record without a scan system, yet the hand scanner I bought shortly after I got the store died a sudden death in the middle of an event and we were left scrambling to manually price out all the products for sale. Yuck. I have QuickBooks, but entering into that is less than my favorite thing as well. I got 1/2 way through a month of receipts then surrendered in horror at the idea of quantifying each transaction in that detail. There's got to be an easier way... if you have advice, I'm all ears.

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