Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pressure Cooker Season

No, I'm not talking about old fashioned cookware, but rather how when we get to this point in the year, the days seem to go into hyperdrive to the new year. The pressure is on... tomorrow is the big turkey cook off. Got through my last big in person event for this year and Melody's birthday. Paid for their marriage announcements. Wedding on the 12th. Still need to take care of the photos they'll be sending out as well as the registry announcements. Need to remember to shop for Christmas for everyone - everyone is expanding at our house with a soon to be new son in law and a boyfriend for my 17 year old. Everyone should have at least one present to open on Christmas eve and I'm in torment trying to decide if I need to get 2 extra stockings this year. Not bad enough - how about the company I work for during the day is doing some layoffs that are being announced Dec 1 & 2. With corporate work force cuts, you never know when they'll decide your department is expendable - YIKES! In week 8 of my 12 week class - almost finals time. Need to finish and upload group project this weekend. I guess I need to let the worry go and move on... Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future... now if I could only in the lottery to pay for all this - guess I ought to buy a ticket once in a while, huh? BTW, the keywords on the labels here suck - they refused to let me have wedding - insisted on the Wedding Date - guess that's a movie?

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