Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas comes early

This school year, my middle daughter will be graduating. She's been deep into a graphic design program at school, so, for her Christmas/graduation/birthday present this year, I got her a Macbook. I let her pick out which one. She says nothing compares for graphics to a Mac. Generally, I don't spend that much money on any one kid for Christmas, but in this story, it seems right. This is actually the career path she's working toward (graphic design) so giving her the right tools seems like a smart choice. She's very happy. We rounded off our Saturday morning shopping trip with breakfast at Cracker Barrel - they have some smooth coffee there.

Another holiday plan we girls have is to take in the Russian Ballet when it comes to town. I think they're doing Snow White - we're planning on the week after Christmas. Should be a very pleasant event. I love the grace and style of ballet. Wish I was lithe and talented, but since I'm not, I'll just get lost in the beauty and share it with my daughters.

Hard to believe Christmas is almost here.


Marcie said...

My brother is a graphic designer in New York, & swears by the Mac. I sooo want one eventually!
Have fun at the ballet, when I used to live in Chicago I used to see the ballet at the holidays. So beautiful!

Theresa Merkling said...

I'm okay with my PC, but I know that for anyone into graphics in a big way, the MAC seems to win hands down. It's all good.

I remember watching Coppelia live on stage in high school - it was totally beautiful. Looking forward to sharing that with my daughters.