Monday, November 3, 2008

The busy-ness of life

Friday, Halloween
Saturday, all day fund-raiser crop for a sports group
Sunday, quiz for my International Business class; cleaned 1/4 of my office, watched a ton of the shows I had missed all week.

I ordered a refurb phone from AT&T online - a cute Samsung pink Blackjack II... sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the only part of the phone that worked was the power and the scroll up and down wheel... today I need to get with them about returning it. Sigh. Some savings, some service... I'm not even going to start talking about my call in to tech support and working with someone who speaks heavily accented English.

Went to run some credit slips from the event - the software from the company I have an account with had a corrupt database error. Called in to an Indian call center - turns out their software is not compatible with Windows Vista Home edition - they recommend I upgrade to the business platform... I don't think so... regular billing and customer service is naturally closed on the weekend. Aggrivating.

Then, I've got a Cricut Expression. I also like and use their software to get better vision with my creations... it worked great when I had the little bug. Now, I can't even get the program to open on my computer. I need to remember to call in to their tech support after work. Thankfully, they're in Utah, so with the time zones, I should be able to sort this out without having to take a weekday off from work.

Life is good, it's also busy... what about yours?


Linda Stranger said...


I had so many problems with them. You buy a phone online, you have no-one to help you... they won't do anything for you at any of the stores, and if you try calling, you'll get bounced from one person to the next, left on hold indefinitly, hung up on... it took me two weeks to get a defective phone serviced!

I'm with Verizon now. Their customer service is wonderful... and human!

Linda :)

Theresa Merkling said...

Thanks for the response, Linda - apparently, when you buy a phone from AT&T and they give you a defective one by mail - you have to return it to get your $$ back - I wanted to do an exchange, but they said they'd have to charge me for the second phone as well, but it would be credited back when they received my defective one... what's wrong with this picture. I definitely would NOT recommend buying any online products from AT&T - their customer service people are dreadful and there apparently is little to no service to be had.