Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It seems that once school starts again for the year, you're on the speed track to the end of the year. My date book is getting fuller and fuller. This weekend passed like a whirlwind. I had a booth at a charity crop to help raise money for mammograms for women who couldn't afford one at Sentara Careplex in Hampton. Met some great ladies and had a lovely day with them. Melody and Kyle drove me over and helped with the set up and tear down of the booth. During the day, though, I sent them off to their own agenda since this was a small venue.

While they were out, it appears they visited a jeweler and got an engagement ring! WOW! Their relationship seems to also be moving rather quickly, but they seem to have a good rapport. It's nice to see how they influence each other. I think their furniture for the new apartment is being delivered today. Margaret and I are heading over for dinner in their new place tonight to check it all out.

Sunday, I went to the Stamp and Scrap Art Tour (convention) in Hampton with my good friend Laura and her sister-in-law Lisa. There were only 17 vendors there and not as many shoppers as I'm used to seeing at these events. I was able to refrain from a lot of temptation by being strict with myself and didn't spend very much at all. We had a late lunch at Lonestar then headed home. Laura was driving her husband's convertible BMW with the top down and the afternoon was gorgeous, so those moments in the sun were golden.

Once I got home, I watched one of my shows on the DVR, then buckled down and completed my paper for my business class (that was due on Sunday before midnight). Even found a bit of spare time for some computer games before it was time for TrueBlood and Dexter.

Yesterday, I ended up going back to the dealer - exchanged the Nissan for a 2009 Toyota Corolla S. Now I need a new phone that has bluetooth capabilities - that is a nice feature - it will make my chatting while I drive much easier in the future.

Hard to believe it's already Tuesday. I have another charity crop to work this Saturday, so I guess I'll do my quiz for class on Sunday, but maybe I'll manage a bit of a day off. Hmmm - I could be disciplined and actually take the quiz one evening during the week and actually take Sunday off... what a novel idea. Thanks for stopping by - I'll try to get some layout shots up and posted. I actually have done a bit of scrapping lately and would love to share it with you.


SandyL said...

Thank you Theresa for doing those charity things.. I am actually one of the people that will be getting a free mammogram through Sentara. Actually tomorrow because I do not have insurance and unfortunately something was found at my checkup so I have to have a more detailed mammo.. I am not to worried because they think it might be that time of the month related..

Theresa Merkling said...

How great is that that we even has such programs in place - keep in touch about your health - it matters. I met this lovely lady at the crop, she's terminal and had the best spirit. Says she supports those events because she knows how much it matters. Me too!

SandyL said...

I am A okay.. It was a long visit and I had to have a Mammo and an ultrasound but I am fine... Brittany volunteered at the hospital this summer for 2 weeks and helped raise funds for this program too :)