Friday, October 3, 2008

Private Practice

I'm behind on my TV viewing - this new season has brought out so many shows, I'm having a hard time watching all the ones that catch my interest. Yesterday, I got to watch my DVR'd copy of Private Practice. Glad that wasn't the season closing episode or I would have thought they decided to drop the show. Naomi was definitely challenged and overburdened - nice to see her husband step up to the plate. They actually addressed the ethical thing with cord blood - a man and woman conceived a designer baby so they could use the blood to save their dying 7 year old son - the drama happens when the son gets to crisis while the growing baby is only at 6 months. In desparation after being turned down for early delivery by Addision due to concerns for the viability of the infant, the woman breaks her water with a knitting needle to force them into action. Through the miracle of tv, all the characters survive the harrowing experience.

The problem is, in the real world, where do we draw the lines to determine who lives and dies? Why are custom children even an option like in this story? I know many people are all about the stem cell research, and yes, in most cases, the placenta, cord and other byproducts of delivery are mostly considered waste, but what happens when we go from just doing normal delivery left overs to abortions for these things? Does human life really have so little value that we would grow babies for their organs or other parts? Stand by - brave new world is here.

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