Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October Updates - 2 Scrappy Chix Designs

Sent out my customer newsletter today, but my site has the lamest text only editor in the world - it won't even allow paragraphs! So, decided to put the info here on the blog for your convenience.

Sorry to be so long in getting this update out to you – the October kits – yes, I said kits! Are now in the store and ready for you. Check out the link below for a colorful description. I’m working with my web designer to get a better email module for my site so I can send the pretty newsletters you know and love, but in the meantime, this is our solution.

Also, I have a few other fun things to share with you. My daughter, Amanda, is studying graphic design. If you ever thought you wanted a watermark of your own to protect your art from being shared inappropriate, Amanda is now offering custom designs to your specifications in case you’re not really into graphics and want to tackle your own. For more information, check it out here:

We still have a few Love Elsie idea boxes in the store -

And I’ve also partnered with Scrapbooks Etc to bring you a new service – awesome hard bound custom albums. We Are Family Retail Exclusive Book with **FREE SHIPPING**
What’s in a name? Define what family means to you in the We Are Family photo book – a scrapbook Retailer Exclusive offering. When you order this limited time title and have it shipped back to our store for pick up Scrapbooks, etc. will pay for shipping. So order now, and come in for your book and all your scrapbooking needs.
To get started simply follow these 5 easy steps:
1) Go to
2) Create an account
3) Go to the Retailer Exclusive book
4) Enter in my store code 225CEZPBUA
5) Enjoy!

And finally, if you’re just ready for a browse, the store location is

I appreciate your feedback and ideas – email me at

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest update – please feel free to share with any friends who may be interested.

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