Saturday, October 4, 2008

MerkInk Graphic Designs

My daughter, Amanda, is in her second year in an academy program at school learning graphic design. She's really blossoming with her talent, so I've decided to work with her with my store to give her a place to start offering some of her designs to the public. For more information, please click the blue MerkInk logo in the right margin.

It's now almost 11 am and I've been up since six, working on updates to my store and blog. Updated some of the links - let me know if you find any glitches. I've really been enjoying my journey into this massive cyberworld. Twitter and Twittermoms have exposed me to a wonderfully diverse world of people and I am learning so very much. I've joined all kinds of online communities and am learning about everything from health and fitness, saving money, technological advances, politics and more.

My initial foray into the world of computers was a zillion years ago, when my husband and I bought our first Commodore 64. Back in the day, it had a tape drive and a 300 baud modem. We had to type in basic programs by hand and execute them and we were thrilled seeing even that simple bit of computer success. Through the years, we've gone from that basic computer and black screen BBS formats, to PC's, to AOL where I worked for a number of years as a chat host and message board monitor, to this brave new world of lap tops and high res graphics. I'm amazed with all the incredible things my computer can do, but then again, the interfaces have so removed one from the minutiae of DOS that I no longer really recall how to do the basics like play with file structure or even add in new chips or boards in my computer.

What about you? Do you have any once upon a time computer memories or are you one of the young ones who take this all for granted?

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