Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Life is Hectic, but at least it's not my job to save the humans

Back to my new TV addiction - last night was Sarah Conner Chronicles - John gets some formal training while getting dragged deeper and deeper into his role as savior of human-kind against the machines.

I can't figure out exactly what it is that appeals to me about this show, but it's definitely on my DVR list so I don't miss it. I guess the evolution of thinking machines and AI is just one of those kind of believable concepts that catches my interest.

Sunday night was TrueBlood and Dexter. TrueBlood is kind of interesting, but I still can't figure out why producers think we need that much sex to make a show enjoyable. I wish the story line would stick a little closer to the novel line. I don't recall reading many sexy details in the book - just enjoying the interaction with the other and the humans.

Dexter is wonderful as usual - I'm always amazed by how he's about to get himself out of these very sticky situations. Very good liar. It's kind of off beat, but I get it and I like it. The girlfriend has definitely thrown him a curve - I wonder how that will work out...?

Apparently Big Brother is watching more closely at work so I have to do most of my personal computer usage at home (rather than in between my standard stuff on the job). The last thing I want, though, is to be fired for something like that, so I'll do better. It's not like I spend the day looking at pornography or anything, but I do have a busy mind and need some variety in my day. Guess I'll bring my text book with me and if I have any open time, I'll read some of the class material (International Business Environment). Off to catch up on my emails. See you tomorrow!


scrapfaerie said...

I agree with you on TruBlood. I am on the 3rd book now. I think the sex is a bit over the top. I mean I know vampires are portrayed as sexual beings but there is just too much. That is part of why I have a hard time reading Laurell K. Hamilton's books now.

Theresa Merkling said...

I think it's easier for me to read when there's sex than watch it because I'm great at skimming - I kind of like the traditional - passionate kisses to glimpse of sheets to fade out... sometimes Hollywood just lays it on way too thick for my taste. Laurell K is another one of our must read authors - Melody and I have read every book she's written and eagerly wait for more. Lyndsay Sands is another fun, fun writer in this genre.

scrapfaerie said...

I am a Twilight fanatic!!! If you like vamps then Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Saga is a must read. I know they were written as young adult books but they are so good. Plus the movie for the first book is being released on 11/21/08! Can't wait. I even did a LO about the books!

I'll bring it with me to LBBC if you want to see it...oh wait I can put it on my blog lol

Theresa Merkling said...

Hope you will bring the layout - I'd love to see it! Do you have one of the books you could loan me to check it out? I'm not sure that I want to start a new series. Not much free time for reading for pleasure lately, although Melody does a pretty good job keeping me supplied with the latest and greatest.