Tuesday, October 14, 2008

GOP Rally Update

Melody and I were so lucky - in our ignorance of what the milling crowds around the convention center meant, we somehow cut in line and ended up getting in rather quickly - enough that we were able to get a bleacher spot six rows from the top, although to the far right of the candidates on the stage. The acoustics were not that great and understanding the speakers wasn't the easiest, but being part of that
energy was amazing. Estimates of attendance were between 12,000 - 25,000. There were just two small bleacher areas and everyone else was standing room only.

I was sitting in front of a row of church ladies from another city and they were disgruntled at how little our local press had promoted the rally. I've got to say I'm with them - I only discovered it myself by dumb luck from an internet friend.

Representatives Thelma Drake and Randy Forbes gave opening speeches followed by Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell. Country music singer Hank Williams, Jr. sang several of his songs starting with "All My Rowdy Friends." Then came the main event.

Cindy McCain introduced Sarah Palin - she spoke well and I didn't catch a single maverick. Then, John McCain spoke briefly. As a former Naval aviator, he found a lot of support as we're one of the largest military (particularly Navy) community in the country. We like his political experience, his military experience, his straight shooter personality, and the core values the party represents.

I got past my crowd phobia to attend and have no regrets. I'm really looking forward to the election and praying that the conservatives are just being overlooked as usual by the liberal media and have decided to just quietly show their support at the poll.

See you tomorrow!


SandyL said...

Brittany's dance teacher Mrs Kim went to the Richmond Rally and she just happens to have a down syndrome son and they were holding a sign up that said something about 21 Chromosomes (SP?) loves Sarah Palin..and she asked the Security guard to bring the baby up there and they had him being passed through the crowd.. He is 2 and precious!

Theresa Merkling said...

How cool is that?! There was a young girl who was impaired - probably downs by the look of her, behind me - Thelma Drake came up into the bleachers to meet and greet and the girl came out and gave her a hug - apparently, her mom teaches calculus at one of the local universities and has Thelma's son in her class as a student.

Now that I've figured out who to vote for the big slots, I need to study up on my local candidates. We have mayor race on here in VB and I need to know who would be my best selection.

Marcie said...

How exciting that you and Melody got to go! I'm so jealous!

Theresa Merkling said...

It was a really cool experience. It's the first rally I've ever had the opportunity to attend. I still will be glad once all the politicking is done for the year, though... it's getting to where I don't want to hear from any of the candidates at this time.