Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Melody and I are voracious readers - when I heard that HBO had turned the Sookie Stackhouse novels into a series, we were totally excited since we've read every book out in the series and feel like we know these characters. So far, we've seen the premier and all the little bits they've shared on the demand channel as well as each episode as it comes out and we're LOVING it!

Sookie is a special person who hears people's thoughts. Since this developed at an early age, she's spooked many people who are paranoid about her "talent" and is something of a social outcast, even though she's a lovely built blonde with a perky demeanor. Sookie works at Sam's bar, Merlotte's, in a small Louisiana bayou town. Sam is a shape shifter who's favorite incarnation is a collie. Sam harbors a love for Sookie and would like to take the relationship farther.

Thanks to Japanese scientists, a new product, TrueBlood, has been released on the market and vampires, which did not previously exist, are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and becoming part of society in an unprecedented wave. These stories are quite intriguing and very enjoyable, although the sex scenes are a bit more graphic than I'd like to see on TV - then again, this IS HBO and maybe their usual clientele likes it more sexy.

Needless to say, our DVR is programmed for every episode and we're so happy to have a fun new departure from reality show to watch.

Have you seen it yet? What do you think?

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Kim Langston said...

Totally agree with you on True Blood. My mom, sister, and I have read all the books too... can't wait to see if Quinn shows up in the show!

At first I didn't like the accents... really terrible. And Tara... that character in the show is a real character. After the second episode, the over-the-top accents and exaggerated charater of Tara are growing on me. Seriously can't wait til Sunday!!!

Thanks for the post on my blog!