Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TrueBlood / Sarah Conner Chronicles / House / Grey's Anatomy

We've seen the latest episode - we're a little disappointed. We've read all the books but the show seems to be more pornography than story line. Wonder how the author feels about selling out her creations this way. Was there sex in the stories? Yes, but more the blurry, you don't really want all these details kind. Rather reminds me of the difference between Stephen King's "The Shining". In the book, most of the activity takes place in the perceptions of the characters - in the show, all the motivation and thought goes away and you're left with a limited vision. We'll hang in there and hope they get more story going in TrueBlood, but it's not what we expected at this time.

Sarah Conner Chronicles, on the other hand, is turning into quite the action adventure. Lots of teenage angst as John tries to grow into his role as leader of the free world. The show is fast paced enough to keep us interested, so we'll definitely keep this on the record list for our DVR

House premier was another let down - he was too distracted and there wasn't enough drama medicine for us. Sad to see Wilson going. Can't figure out how they'll redeem the show without him to keep House in check.

Looking forward to Thursday night and the new season of Grey's. Saw the little preview snippet - a baby sure is going to change the show dynamics. I guess the writers are just opposed to happily ever after since none of the characters on this show can ever find a relationship to last. We'll be interested to see where they take these characters.

What shows have you tuning in this new season?

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