Friday, September 19, 2008

Taxes and Abortion

Our morning dog walking is turning out to be more than just a mild form of exercise. During the quiet, early hours of the day, Melody and I can talk about anything. This morning we talked about the parties and their tax plans. As someone who hopes to one day be in one of those high tax brackets, I'm really opposed to the Democrat socialist leanings to strip the rich of their earnings to support the poor. I have no desire to live in that kind of country that discounts people being punished for being successful and working hard. I am also not thrilled about supporting those who will not work. How about a flatter tax the make all working members contribute more equally. I know if I were rich and the Dems got in office and actually executed their tax plan, I'd consider picking up my life and moving to somewhere that lets people keep more of their hard earned money. Where that is, we have yet to figure out, though...

Then we got around to discussing the abortion thing. I know this is a hot button for many of the liberals who think murder on demand is fine. Abortion as a form of birth control is no big deal. Unfortunately, it is a big deal. While some people are quick to condemn capital punishment as playing God, what makes deciding to end the life of an unborn child any less playing God. Surely by now everyone has seen the fetal development pictures. You can kid yourself that a "fetus" is not a real person, but in the end, it's just another life being snuffed out. Are these strong words, probably to some, but to others, very mild. After seeing a video of a rescued abortion child who survived a late term saline abortion, I was just appalled that someone could go 7 months into a pregnancy then try to burn the baby to death. We wouldn't consider the methods abortionists use to kill babies as humane enough to use in our prisons for death sentences of deserving criminals, but it's fine to use them on innocent unborn children? Something is totally messed up. People will protest to protect animals, then march for abortion on demand. It's a weird world when animal rights take a higher precedent than people rights.

As media goes wider and deeper, it's next to impossible to stay out of the discussion. I guess there just comes a time when a person needs to stand for what is right. This seasons election is certainly bringing some of these issues to a head.


Lisa said...

Oh, I totally agree on both points. I'm sort of leaning toward the "Fair Tax" way of doing things.
I found your blog through a comment on AliEdwards. Do you have your completed album on your blog?

Theresa Merkling said...

I haven't really put a lot of pictures here on my blog, but have a folder on my site gallery with the whole album - check it out here.

I can't recommend Ali's project highly enough. Be sure to jump in and give it a try. No regrets for sure!