Thursday, September 11, 2008

May you live in interesting times

Sounds like we've reached this prediction from the fortune cookies. We've got to be in the middle of one of the most interesting political campaigns in ages. Tempers flare hot on both sides. The candidates seem to spend more time attacking each other than discussing their plans for leadership. It seemed pretty aggressive for Obama to hire a team of lawyers and ship them to Alaska to dig up the "dirt" on Sarah Palin. You'd think we'd have more productive stuff to focus on - like what IS your proposal for health care? How will the energy situation be addressed? What about Iraq and Afghanistan? What's the plan for education in this country? And all those other, larger topics.

I know I'm looking forward to the VP debate. I'm interested in seing how they will do in a faceoff. I'm rather relieved that it seems the media is backing off from the how can a woman be a good mother and VP too ploy. Give me a break! When they ask men the same question, then I'll consider it a valid concern.


Ben Simon said...
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Ben Simon said...

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I agree that things are getting crazy out there.

Though, it's probably worth noting that the Obama team didn't send a team of lawyers to "dig up dirt" on Sarah. That's what ( says about the new ad that actually quotes

In fact, according to the Obama team (if you believe them, and apparently does) they say:

""John Fund's claim that we "air-dropped" 30 lawyers into Alaska is false. No one from the Obama campaign or the DNC has been sent to Alaska. We've asked Mr. Fund for a correction.""

I'm with you, I'd like to see more info on real issues, and less on what most of the press is covering.

For some actual views, and not just noise, you might want to check out this transcript: - it's a speech Barack gave on education a few days back. I think it gives some useful specifics to help get an idea of what an Obama administration wants to accomplish.

I'm sure there's similar statements made by McCain - I just haven't seen them published online yet.