Monday, September 22, 2008

Just another manic Monday

Had a great weekend. We've added an evening walk to the daily routine - worked great Friday and Saturday night, but we were BAD on Sunday. Went to a friend's house to do some art and there it fell apart - she made the yummiest little croissants with chocolate inside and also a baked Brie. The croissants were my undoing. Had too many and had another disappointing weigh in this morning - back to my Friday weight. Weight loss would be so much simpler if your body paid any attention at all to your hard work, but it seems to be a battle where the weight picks a 2 lb range and changes within that on a daily basis despite your best efforts.

Weekdays I seem to do better - it's easier to be consistent when your daily routine doesn't offer as much flexibility. Shortly, I'll have to break down and hit ths shower (hopefully I'll be done sweating soon) then get ready to leave for work. Work is definitely an in my seat proposition. After that, it's home, dinner, walk, TV and maybe a tiny bit of computer time... we shall see. Life in the rat race - there's got to be more than this!

Talking about the more than this - yesterday was my church's first Sunday in the newly constructed building. With the stadium seating, wrap around video screens, improved acoustics and concert style lighting, it rather felt like I was attending a rock concert. The good part is, there are now plenty of seats for everyone. The bad part is, my eczema on my hands is flaring from the anxiety of the quantity of humanity around me... sigh... the joys of being slightly neurotic.

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