Friday, September 26, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Well, the season premier was quite the show. Lots of drama. The teasers led me astray and I was surprised with a few of the turns in the show (which is a great thing - at least it wasn't boring). Christine made me laugh with her struck down by cosmic karma joke about her accident. I was quite intrigued by the major who was on this episode and hope they'll have him joining the staff in the not too distant future. He's definitely the right kind of guy for Christine. But no, I definitely do NOT want her trading in her scrubs for camoflague and switching to army doctor. It IS rather annoying that ABC is going to make us wait another 2 weeks for the next episode. They've got to get a grip and become more consistent with the episode schedule.

Another tv scare we had - saw that there were *3* Wednesday night shows we wanted to watch - DVR can only let you have 2 at a time - one to watch the other to record. Thankfully, it turns out #3 comes right AFTER #2, so I'm good there now - the three under discussion are Dexter, Pushing Daisies, and Private Practice. Sure am enjoying that we're back to the new season. Sometimes I wonder if I missed anything great all the years I had pretty much sworn off TV and spent all my free time on the computer or reading novels. Ah well, too late to worry about that now.

Any new season shows have you excited? Spill!


scrapfaerie said...

I know, I LOVED the Grey's premier. I was happy to see the Army doc on (he was the main guy in a show called Journeyman that got cancelled...wrongly IMHO!) He is a great actor (did ya know he is Scottish?) I wanted to reach right thru my tv and slap Rose!

I understand about the only can record 2 shows but want to record 3. HUbby gave up the Office so I could have Grey's and we both could have Kitchen Nightmares. Same thing happens to me on Mondays. I want Dancing With the Stars but there are 2 other shows that win out:(

Have a good one, can't wait to meet you at the LBBC crop.


Theresa Merkling said...

Yeah, when Rose dropped that bomb on Derrick, I about stopped breathing - smacking her did sound like an appropriate choice - and the scalpel thing was beyond everything. Glad to see that woke her up.

I went out to Margaret's house last night and paid my spot for the crop - those ladies do a very nice job and I am looking foward to cropping with everyone and meeting you too!