Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Exercise and Creativity

Melody and I are doing well with our diet/exercise program. At the beginning of September, I recorded my first daily weigh in on a small desk calendar on my home work desk. Each day, good or bad, I've been recording my numbers in pen. Since September 1, I'm down 4 pounds. That is a happy thing and easy to see and claim because I wrote it in pen - no cheating, no lying to myself.

The daily walks with Buddy are getting better - thankfully, the weather is starting to cool off so the sweat is more manageable. We walk a long trek through the neighborhood for about 45 minutes each morning. It means getting up earlier than I really would like, but it also means I'm kickstarting my metabolism each morning and I can see that it's having positive effects. Whenever I start feeling like it's too little too slow, I try to remember that sticking to this commitment to a healthier me is worth way more than any temporary gratification from fat or calories that might be tempting me.

Back to Eastover, I had an awesome relaxing time with my friends and surprisingly enough, completed 28 12" pages. Some are more photo shares than deluxe design, but I did do a number of pages that were better than average. I have yet to photograph them all and prep them for sharing, but here is one I did and used on my message boards for an online crop last Saturday as an embellishment challenge (use 5 or more embellishments on a page). This layout uses the August kit paper from Mollie and Mac and also a vintage photo of my parents with myself (the little girl front and center in the lace pantaloons and frilly dress), my brother Mike (young child in Dad's arms) and my then infant sister Valerie in Mom's arms. Naturally, I don't remember that exact day, but looking at the background, my best guess is that it was taken up the river (my Granny had a cottage on the Delaware river in Narrowsburg PA). I have lots of happy memories of times spent there growing up, visiting with family, swimming, boating and canoeing on the river and other good things.

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