Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Enjoying my Vacation

I've done something really radical for me - I took this whole week off from work so I could catch up with my life and just kick back. Generally, when I plan a vacation, it involves traveling away, participating in frantic activity, then getting home the day before I return to work exhausted. This time, I took time just to relax. I've gotten my homework done, my store orders caught up, had time to think about what to pack for this weekend's 3 day crop away (at Eastover - no TV, radio, internet, distractions). I am so happy to be going and getting this time of serenity to be creative once again. Rather than stressing myself with a minimalist packing session, I plan on packing EVERYTHING I think I might need and just making multiple trips to the car to bring it all in. It's stressful to be uber-organized to me - I am like a bag lady in that I like to have all my likely possessions surrounding me. Tomorrow will be my last post before next Monday, so don't worry if you don't see me around. I'll be off communing with nature. Think I'll bring my yoga matt along and do some stretching as well.

Check in with you tomorrow!

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