Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cropped like Crazy!

My retreat away was totally wonderful. The ladies who attended were great - creative and sharing with their ideas. The mess hall served us substantial meals. Hannah only brought a bit of heavy rain Friday night then went away. I got re-acquainted with my Cricut, and even though I set out with no particular accomplishment goals, I managed to complete 28 pages for my album! WOW! This was all within Friday starting at 1:30 pm and leaving Sunday around 4:00 pm. I love flexible holidays when you just do what you want to do - might have to change my travel every day plans that I usually run for my time off from my day job.

Watched the premier for Bones - it was very enjoyable and it's interesting to see how the characters are changing. Some of those changes made me a little bit sad, but the main characters evolving nicely.

Also saw the season premier of Sarah Conner Chronicles. Very exciting. Feels somewhat like the plot is spiraling out of control, but who knows what they'll think up next.

Get to do my Finance 100 finals this week (probably first thing Saturday morning to get it done). Sure hope I pass - somehow it didn't all click for me like most of the classes I've taken. Ce la vie.

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