Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

It's that awesome time of year again when the kids head back to school and my girls were both up hours before necessary in excitement about getting ready (one is 17 and a senior, the other 13 and in 8th grade).

Amanda did her English 12 over the summer so she'd have a lighter course load for this final year - we have A B scheduling here, so her A days (today) consist of Oceanography, then her Advanced Technology Center for graphic design. B days are fuller with computer (math) and something else that I forgot about, followed by ATC. Margaret is excited because she's got a full year of Chorus for her elective as well as her advanced Math and Science program. Both girls did very well on last year's SOL tests, so I'm one happy momma.

I'm up to week 10 (of 11) in my Finance 100 class and hope to wrap it up with a good grade - I'm not used to having B's on my report card (been 4.0 up until now), but the instructor is not clicking for me and some of the equations don't seem to make sense to me in my old age. Rather than have an anxiety attack about the lower grade, I've decided that as long as I pass the course (I'm using tuition assistance through the company I work for) so it's not coming out of my pocket, everything is good. Not too many more classes and I'll be wrapping this up, although our tuition assistance only covers 3 classes a year at Strayer, so progress is slow. Think I'll jump into Descriptive Statistics next so I can get over it and cross it off my list. Even though I'm not doing as well as I have on previous classes (I take my classes online in an asynchronous environment) I am actually learning things that are helping me understand my own small business, so it is somewhat valuable to me.

Melody and I are doing well with our daily walking and healthy diet program and the scale and how our clothes are fitting are telling the tale. It's rather energizing to have success in your life.

Out of rambles for right now - off to read up more on our new VP candidate, Sarah Palin. See you tomorrow!


LLMajer said...

Oceanography is a high school elective? How cool is that?!
I wishe that had been around when I was in school!

Theresa Merkling said...

I took Oceanography as a college course and was pretty bored by it... but I was unable to dissuade my daughters. The oldest one took it when she was in school too I think. At least in high school edition they're planning some field trips as part of the class.