Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin - Breaking my Own Rules

As a rule, I don't publically discuss candidates or my personal views - it seems that my traditional ideas are no longer popular with a large portion of the US population and I found it easier to let my ballot speak for me. Give a girl too much free time to think, though, and watch out.

I've taken this whole next week off, so I've been catching up on my computer buddies and reading blogs and the like. Yesterday, I finally got caught up enough to check out Blogher. After reading so many women's opinions about Sarah Palin, I finally put aside my hide in the dark cloak and jumped into the fray, and I've got to tell you, I'm a little concerned that I'll be receiving death threats now - who woulda thunk it?!

What they're saying about Sarah Palin? These are generalizations - not one woman's particular quote, but just what I've seen at Blogher - many are offended that the Reps even dare consider a lightweight like Sarah in the same breath as Hillary. Other than that they are both women, many feel the comparison stops there. They're probably right. (and that's a good thing - but more on that later) They talk about her lack of foreign policy knowledge and short time as an executive in her state that has such a small population that it doesn't really count. Some have even criticized her for ignoring her kids to campaign and say you can't raise children and be VP (WOW - is that a step back for women or what?!) Many are concerned that somehow, if the Reps get in office, we'll suddenly overthrow Roe V. Wade and all their pro-choice freedoms they currently enjoy will be eradicated. Many cite her lack of experience in big city politics.

Needless to say, as a woman, many of the things they're upset about really concern me. I am a working woman. My daughters are healthy and well adjusted and doing well in school. Men have been in the office for over 200 years, but I guess their spouses just dealt with the kids while they were off doing important things - it's not like a VP salary can't afford a nanny and make certain accomodations to have as much family time as they can fit in.

Does Sarah have Hillary's experience in politics - definitely not. But she brings a whole other set of women strengths to the table. She has beliefs and stands by them. She's dealing with the energy issue in her state more than so many others. Sounds like she and her husband are quite connected - hopefully if we did see her in Washington, with five kids, neither she nor her manly man husband would have time for oral sex with interns or other disgraceful behaviors.

Foreign policy - what would Sarah know of that as a governor - even though her state borders Canada (which, in case you were under a rock) is a foreign country and then there's this little bit of foreign real estate just north and west... but I'm sure that has no impact on us.

It's interesting to see how our political leaders have evolved through the years. Once upon a time, when the country first began, we were lead my men who were passionate for their country and willing to work hard to make it a success. Over time, our leaders have evolved to where you work your way up to the job, learning how to be a nice little bureacrat so you have "experience" in politics. Maybe it's about time we return to a bit of sincerity and passion for right and let the clones take a term out?

How long has Roe V. Wade been in place? Do we really think that adding a VP who is pro-life will suddenly overturn that judgement and set the world as we know it in turmoil? Does a VP have that kind of power? If not, why haven't we seen something happen before now? Maybe we're getting a little excited over something that isn't really going to change?

Bottom line is, I'm excited to see a woman on the ticket - yes, I know she's not the first. Once upon a time, I was in the Navy as an electronics tech back in the day when there were not that many of us. As a matter of fact, when I was done with my first tour in Italy, I asked to go to a ship for a tour and was told there were no female billets available for me. Since then, women have gained more and more in the battle for fair treatment. I would be thrilled to see her as VP. If Obama had chosen Hillary instead of SWM (standard white male) as his running mate and McCain had gone with SWM, I seriously would have considered voting Dem even though I don't care for either of them, just to see a woman in that position. I suspect I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thankfully, a lot of the family values and Constitutional freedoms she believes in I believe in as well, so for me, the choice for November now comes easy. Thanks McCain - you've simplified matters for me!

There we go - I've broken my own rules and donned my flack jacket. Standing by for incoming.

PS - they were talking about this at work on Friday and someone said you could vote for whichever candidates you wanted - say Obama and Palin if that was your choice. I wasn't really aware of this - I'm not much of a civics student, but it's an interesting thought if this is true...


danae said...

Hi there, I saw your post via your tweet about it. I'm a woman as well and respect your opinions about Palin, i just wanted to address the issue of Roe v. Wade you mentioned. I know that a VP herself cannot overturn Roe v. Wade, but the danger of it being overturned is very serious if McCain takes office next year.

In its current division of people, the Supreme Court is currently on a knife's edge of overturning Roe if a test case were brought to it, and with an 87-year-old justice currently sitting, it's very likely that the next president will appoint a new justice. If McCain could appoint one more conservative judge to the SC bench, that's all that would be needed to tip the balance and overturn Roe. That would take us back to a time when each state could decide for itself whether women could have abortions, and where a young woman from one state suddenly doesn't have the same rights and choices in life than another young woman a few states away.

Like you, I would love to see a woman in the white house and think that a woman's strengths would be very valuable in governing this country, but I'm deeply concerned about the implications for women all over the country if McCain were to win the presidency.

Theresa Merkling said...

Thanks for that view, Danae - Understand your concern - it's just that I can't imagine that whole thing changing no matter who was in office - just consider how the whole gay marriage thing is gaining momentum... once upon a time, no one ever thought that would be legal anywhere in our country.

danae said...

Theresa, McCain says it himself on his own site:

"John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench.

Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states. The difficult issue of abortion should not be decided by judicial fiat."

It doesn't take public opinion (like in gay marriage) for this to change, just the opinion of seven people, two of them already selected by Bush and McCain hoping to select one more. People have been pointing this out since as far back as four years ago:

I don't mean to press, but Roe really is in very serious threat of being overturned, as unbelievable as it sounds.

Marcie said...

Theresa, I am definitely with you on Palin. I think she would be an asset to this country & it is about time we see a woman in office. My vote will be for McCain!

Sandra Williams said...

Theresa, Amen and Hallelujah! I couldn't agree with you more!
The Eclectic Studio

KimTheCop said...

Thanks for putting on the flack jacket and jumping in. We need to be able to stand up and speak our words! I totally agree with this blog and personally will be voting for McCain in November. It will be nice to see a woman with a backbone associated with the White House...I lost all respect for Hillary after the whole Monica Lewinsky thing. The thought of the Democrats being back is scary to me. Don't ever be worried to voice your opinions girl! You rock!

Theresa Merkling said...

I think the Monica thing was the one thing she handled well in that she didn't divorce the standing candidate even though he more than deserved it. But then again, I'm pretty sure that was a purely political choice.