Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gilmore Girls

I know when it comes to TV viewing, I'm incredibly behind the times... I've only recently come across Gilmore Girls and can't seem to get enough. Apparently, there are a zillion seasons available on DVD and I have no idea which season we've been watching lately on ABC Family, but I do know I've really been enjoying it. As a girl mom (I have 3 daughters) I love the give and take with the mother and daughter on this series. My oldest daughter and I have good communications - understanding of each other. The only thing we're missing is a script writer so we can pick up the pace with our witty repartee.

I went to the WB site for more info, but their set up is not very good. You can watch episodes there. Then I found a Gilmore girl fan club site .org - but it looks like it hasn't had updates since 2006 - I wonder how many sites are like that - orphans hanging out in cyberspace waiting to be stumbled upon? I didn't check out their forums, but the last recent news was from 2006, so you get what I'm saying.

While I'm talking about one of my new fav shows, wanted to also mention that I watched Rory in the Traveling Pants on TV the other night. It was a cute high school drama kind of show - probably younger people would enjoy it more. Think I'll wait for volume 2 to hit TV before I check it out.

Any other Gilmore girl fans out there? Give me a shout.


AJ said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! I never watched Gilmore Girls, guess it was on when something else I was addicted to came on. But, I have heard good things about it...might do the DVD thing some day (as with Sex and The City)
BUT, I am a fan of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! Just watched the second one at the movies yesterday, didn't realize that 'Lena' was the daughter on Gilmore Girls!

Theresa Merkling said...

So, AJ, are you planning to hit the theater for Traveling Pants 2 or wait for TV? :) The gal from Ugly Betty is part of TP also... I am not sure who the other 2 girls are, but I don't watch a whole lot of TV (although I am watching more and more lately!