Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August Kit

Almost all of the parts arrived for the August kit - the distributor cancelled the one decorative paper I ordered from my choices, but I think it's still a pretty fun kit. Be sure to check it out on our grand unveiling on August 15. Also, visit us for a chat on Monday night, Aug 18 with the designer from Mollie & Mac - this month's main feature in the kit. We'll have fun and prizes for some lucky participants.

Have you been watching the new series "In Plain Sight"? It's quite good - Mary and Marshall are US Marshalls who work in with the Witness Protection Program. The last episode was particularly good - can hardly wait for next week to see what happens next! Seems the story is painted into a bad corner and I can't see an easy way out - sure hope that doesn't mean this is a one season wonder as I've really come to enjoy the show.

Watched Crossing Jordan - great episode with Nigel as a main character - we really love Nigel - we like his wit and intelligence. Gilmore Girls - episode where Rory ends up deciding on Yale, there is a major fire at the inn and the Faux Poe Foes come to town. Another good adventure.

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