Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Neglectful Blogger

It's just stunning to me how quickly time passes. Seems just yesterday I was planning our booth at GASC and now I'm finalizing my classes for CHA! And of course, during this flash of time, I hadn't had the time to update or chat with you all. Finally, I have something to share that might make you smile - how about a sale?

In honor of Independence Day will be hosting a special 20% off all products sale! Just use the code LIBERTY when you check out! More merchandise has been arriving and why not celebrate with a bit of shopping? Sale ends Monday, July 7th, so don't wait too long to place your order.

I'm off work today for a four day weekend, so I hope to manage something creative to share with you all over this break. Drop me a comment - I'd love to hear from you so I don't feel so alone here typing to you all :)

Happy 4th of July!

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Marcie said...

Time sure does find a way to get away from us doesn't it! Can't wait for CHA!