Thursday, June 5, 2008

Making it through the work week

Any juggling masters out there? Somehow, keeping all the balls in the air and keeping a positive attitude at the same time seems to often be a bit of a struggle. Sometimes I feel ungrateful that I am not more joyful as well as our life if going after all... Amanda got a perfect test score on her reading SOL (standards of learning - mandatory accomplishment tests in VA). Amanda and Margaret are both doing well with their braces and academics. School will be ending for summer in a short time. Melody and I are doing well together and our store is fully stocked and functional. We have a booth for the Chantilly CHA and hope to have a great time there as well. Everyone is healthy including the pets.

Maybe it's just the busy-ness of life that drains one... thank God it's almost the weekend. If anyone has any shares for focus, please share. TTYL!

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Michele said...

I've learned that the harder my work week is, the more I need to appreciate my time at home with my children. I've always said that my kiddos are my heart and sanity. Family is the ultimate stress reliever!