Monday, June 2, 2008

Back on track

What a busy weekend... Melody and I set up shop at a charity crop. The women who organized it did a fabulous job with plenty to eat and drink and lots of space. Melody was thrilled she won a raffle prize - a month of tanning! As fair as we both are, she was thrilled. I personally gave up on the whole tanning concept 20+ years ago... just call me "Magnolia" sugah...

We learned a lot of things running the booth -
  1. you should figure out how to operate the register BEFORE you go to an event.
  2. it helps to have an idea of how you want to set things up.
  3. Mark's Expedition won't be big enough for Chantilly.
  4. don't forget the long extension cord.
  5. there is a learning curve to using the Bind-it-all.
I made a cute mini book with my BIA and the new Teresa Collins Bella line. Very fem and pretty - I'll try to get around to adding a pic to the blog. It takes a LOT of energy to run a store - I was so worn out that I went straight to bed when we got home (didn't even unpack the truck). Even took a nap Sunday for about 4 more hours. Yikes I was tired.

We met some great scrappers at this event and had a very nice time. I even managed to edit a pile of photos that have been waiting for my attention and now I can upload them and have them developed. Whew!

Did I mention we'll be doing an online crop at my site this coming Saturday? Be sure to log in and participate! .

Check in with you another time!

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Kristii Lockart said...

Sounds like fun!! wish I could participate in the online crop, but will be on the road this weekend!