Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DT submissions

Have been arriving - I'm loving seeing everyone's awesome creations. It always amazes me to see the vast variety of perspective, color and design everyone comes up with. So far, most of the applicants are from CA. I wonder if people in CA feel particularly inspired, have more personal confidence, or it's just a random coincidence? I took a holiday there last April - visited my aunt and family in Burbank and we also went up to Lake Arrowhead. I really liked the feel of the area although the traffic on the freeway was rather intimidating.

How about it CA gals? What makes it the state you chose to live in?

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Dana said...

Happy Saturday! I live in sunny california and am one of your design team auditioners :) I am a 4th generation san diegan and can't imagine living anywhere else! beside the obvious weather pull-I love the mixing pot of people that live here. No one is ever judgmental and anything you want to be or do is really ok with everyone else. you are free to be who you are.. i love that! Dana