Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rain again...

Seems like we're back to the dreary, rainy days again. It was 91 yesterday afternoon and now we're in the 60's, overcast with sprinkles. Virginia weather sure is fickle. I had heard Seattle area was lovely, but I hear rain is standard there - I guess with my weather affectations, I probably shouldn't consider moving there when I'm ready for my next move. Anyone have opinions?

We had a big order come in for the store yesterday - 4 large boxes of goodies. Melody has diligently been adding in new merchandise and scanning it all into the register as well as pricing everything. Lots of treasures for now. We're off to an all day crop on Saturday and will set up the store. Hopefully I'll get good feedback on new additions that would be good for us.

One thing I've noticed about blogging... people like me with boring lives probably shouldn't do this. Guess I'll have to start challenging myself to make time to create and share my projects. Blogstars - where do you get your inspiration? Share, pretty please? I'll try to do something interesting tonight to share with everyone tomorrow LOL.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

DT submissions

Have been arriving - I'm loving seeing everyone's awesome creations. It always amazes me to see the vast variety of perspective, color and design everyone comes up with. So far, most of the applicants are from CA. I wonder if people in CA feel particularly inspired, have more personal confidence, or it's just a random coincidence? I took a holiday there last April - visited my aunt and family in Burbank and we also went up to Lake Arrowhead. I really liked the feel of the area although the traffic on the freeway was rather intimidating.

How about it CA gals? What makes it the state you chose to live in?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Design Team Call

It's time for the Design Team call for my site http://www.2scrappy chixdesigns. com .

I'm looking for a number of talented people to work with me on making awesome new kits that we'll offer each month. No previous design experience required – I'm just looking for talent and team members who will be active on the boards, share in the gallery and work with me on coming up with great projects for our members.

To be considered for the team, send an email to me @ rizamerk@cox. net – include the following:

Name, address, phone, email, message board ID.

5 of your best projects for review – at least one 2 page layout with several photos, at least one 3-d project, and one mini book type project – you decide which others to send…If you have an active blog where you share your art or galleries that feature your projects, please send me links to those as well.

Include a brief "resume" of your experience and why you would be a great addition to the team. I want to know about the gals I'll be working closely with – there will be some special secret perks I don't want to publicly announce, but you might want them.

US members preferred as international shipping is so high – but we could negotiate if you live elsewhere and have great talent.

Requirements for participation:

Submit (online) a variety of samples made with the kit focusing on kit contents and other items in my store.

Provide written instructions of complex projects and be willing for them to be published for our customers – measurements, process photos that could be helpful or sketches are awesome inclusions.

Participate on our public forums and brainstorm with the other designers in our private place so we can offer a super variety of project ideas with each kit.

Encourage members of all levels and offer support on the boards.Use our design team blinkie in your public signatures and blog and help promote the club.

We'll offer regular challenges in a rotating manner - participation is appreciated

First kits will be offered to customers July 1st.

Submissions for consideration need to be received no later than 6/7/08.

Looking for a six month commitment to the team ending with the 12/08 kit.


20% discount on store purchases

Receive your free kit each month

Keep all your creations

Free shipping on purchases that you want shipped with your monthly kit.

Be a featured designer on my blog and store

Other treasures and rewards for superior performance.

Theresa Merkling

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Thank God for friends! One of my message board friends is helping me add some color - I'm still lost with the thousand tasks it takes to get a site up and running. Still need to design a logo for business cards, more blinkie options and more, more, more.

Melody (my oldest daughter) and I will be attending a charity crop next Saturday, so we've been busy scanning UPCs to get all the inventory into the register. Still working with a bunch of awesome manufacturers to bring in new merchandise to offer in the store. Been getting to know my message board friends (join us! - ). Added some of my personal layouts to the gallery (but put them in 12" and other layouts categories instead of my own personal gallery - duh!). I need a keeper. LOL.

Took Friday off from my regular job and got a LOT accomplished. Got all the inventory sorted and organized on a humongous shelf unit I bought at Sams so we could actually fulfill orders. Managed to pass my Ancient Civilization 1 CLEP test - another item off the list for wrapping up that Bachelor's I'm still plugging away at (the end is near, though - only 6 more classes to go). Signed up for Finance 100 this next term - figure the timing could only help. I could use more money knowledge with this new business thing. I've got a hair appt today - not a minute too soon it's so shabby - and then it's back to work with order entry, scanning and the like.

Anyway, I want to thank all my online friends for your support and encouragement. I am always amazed at how wonderful women can be when they help and support each other. Thanks for your friendship!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Work in Progress

Decided to jump in the blog fever. Spent the past weekend building my store site and needed a place to do other things as well. Come visit me again in a few days and I'll see if I can figure this stuff out.